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Q1:Do tutors listed in the website offer private tuition?
 Yes, tuition classes can be held in groups of different sizes or on one-on-one basis unless otherwise specified.
Q2:Apart from the annual fee, would tutors require to pay commission to GrowSmart?
 Definitely not. We charge only annual fee, without other hidden charges. But at this launching stage, we have waived the annual fee till 15 October 2016 if you successfully register on or before 15 October 2015.
Q3:Will “users” be charged for finding tutors and making enquires online?
 No, but we would appreciate this function be properly used.
Q4:I cannot find the contact information of tutor(s) in the website. What should I do?
 In compliance with the Data Privacy Ordinance, tutors’ contact information cannot be disclosed. Please click on “enquiry” button at the bottom of the page, fill out the enquiry form then click “submit”. We will contact you as soon as possible after receiving your enquiry.
Q5:Are the legitimacy and credibility of organizations and individual tutors listed assured?
 Our procedures for reviewing their applications include verification of documents submitted, browsing websites of organizations, word-of-mouth recommendation, and researches from multiple aspects. If there are doubts, we would invite our Advisory Board to give feedback before deciding whether the application should be accepted. Despite the fact that we endeavor to verify the legitimacy and credibility of organizations or individuals, we cannot guarantee each and every one of them is reliable.
Q6:What if the teacher-in-charge of a school resigned?
 We recommend that “Service Agreement” be signed between “users” and “tutors”. Such agreement shall set out the terms and conditions which include monthly or per service fee, date and time of service, maximum and minimum number of students, name of the teacher-in-charge, etc. In the Service Agreement, a clause should be included stating clearly the agreement cannot be terminated due to staff changes due to internal transfer or resignation. School principal should also take up reasonable supervision in the matter.
Q7:If we (an organization or a group of individual tutors) are invited to perform in a graduation ceremony, carnival or …, how can we ensure that the school would not renege on the deal?
 Similar situations have occurred before which could not be summarized in short. If an activity/event is confirmed, we recommend that our tutor(s) (both organizations and individuals) should negotiate with schools about the terms and conditions, including the arrangement of deposits, which is reasonable for the pre-show preparatory work.
Q8:As a tutor, would I be able to check the number of viewers of my information?
 Sorry, we do not have this function at this stage.
Q9If a school (user) inquires about more than one tutor on one project, how would GrowSmart deal with such situation?
 Our platform welcomes all “users” to visit our website and make enquires. Under the principle of fairness, we would not interfere with the number of enquiries made of tutors. However, in the User’s Guide, we have reminded users to be scrupulous when choosing tutors. A maximum of 3 enquiries can be made with each login.
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