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GrowSmart is founded in 2015 by Mr. TSANG Kee Kung who has 30 years of experience as a secondary school principal in Hong Kong.

Nowadays, the world is full of competitions. There are always great desires and needs for school administrators to search for quality service providers and meaningful education activities in every aspect to make ways for improvement. But due to one's limited social network, renowned tutors and guest speakers in different fields are not known to everyone.

Upon his retirement in last September, he started to establish GrowSmart, an e-platform based on the valuable inputs from his group of advisors from the fields of art, culture, sports and education. Its mission is to create a convenient channel where "users" (including schools, NGOs, social entities, parents and students) can overcome the network barrier easily and seize every opportunity to enjoy quality education and training offered by our service providers (tutors and speakers focused on Other Learning Experiences and Life Planning). It is hoped that by their joint efforts, every teenager can be exposed to or even engage themselves in superb activities and trainings, and grow into well-behaved, approachable and sophisticated individuals.

The core objective of the platform is to help “nurturing young talents with high quality education”. Don’t let time flies away easily. Grasp every chance to learn with quality. All of our tutors and guest speakers do value and treasure the training outcomes, nurturing teenagers to become outstanding beings.

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